Course Work

These theory, information management, and archives studies courses were taken at Emporia State University's School of Library and Information Management:

These theory classes are required of all SLIM students:

    LI801 - Foundations of Information Transfer
    LI802 - Theoretical Foundations of Service: Diagnosis and Customization
    LI803 - Information Transfer and the Knowledge Society
    LI804 - Theory of Organization of Information
    LI805 - Organization Theories for Administering Information Agencies
    LI806 - Global Information Infrastructure

Information Management
These application classes are required for completion of the Information Management certificate:

    LI807 - Foundations of Information Management
    LI812 - Online Information Retrieval
    LI813 - Basic Print and Electronic Information Sources
    LI819 - Repackaging Information
    LI834 - Information Transfer in Private Sector Enterprises
    LI841 - Advanced Retrieval and Repackaging for Business and Industry
    LI844 - Database Design & Solutions for Libraries & Information Organizations
    LI871 - Practicum

Archives Studies
These application classes are required for completion of the Archives Studies certificate:

    LI818 - Arrangement and Description
    LI827 - Preservation Strategies
    LI849 - Records and Information Management
    LI856 - Archives Management
    LI863 - Archives and Historical Research
    LI870 - Practicum (TBD)

Course descriptions and certificate requirements may be obtained from the SLIM web site: