I started the SLIM program in January 2005, after operating my own technical writing business for over thirty years. I intended to learn more about knowledge management practices, and then resume designing complex corporate intranets and information services for my business clients. Dr. Cecilia Salvatore introduced me to archives studies, and I saw that business information management is its natural partner. Information transfer within both fields requires identification of institutional and client information needs, and the prompt provision of accurate information repackaged in useable formats.

I look forward to working in the area that lies between business information technology and the increased desire of archives, libraries, and museums to provide direct web access to their cultural materials.

Information Management
SLIM's Information Management certificate program addresses the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver quality information services promptly, economically, and efficiently. Business information practices include: Archives Studies
SLIM's Archives Studies Certificate program prepares students to work in archival and special collections settings, to meet the challenges of arranging, describing, and organizing information in diverse formats, and to preserve and provide access to collection information. Training focus is directed towards understanding: