Business Analysis

LI841 - Advanced Retrieval & Repackaging for Business & Industry
This class teaches effective information retrieval and repackaging, and includes review of relevant theories of information searching behavior, information transfer, and information services.

Identify a fictional company within an industry, and write the section of that company's annual report that talks about recent developments, trends in the industry, and objectives. Present this information in a way that is both informative and engaging, showcasing advanced skills in information retrieval and repackaging.

Journeyman Steam Boiler Company:  Annual Report

LI834 - Information Transfer in Private Sector Enterprises
Information transfer in private sector enterprises involves locating, evaluating, analyzing, organizing, packaging, and presenting information in a way that maximizes its usefulness. This course included an overview of information transfer in business and industry, and a review of business information sources. The transfer of information into viable and successful business research products was emphasized.

Prepare a white paper report for the vice-president of employee services (copied to director), of a fictional company, justifying the continuance of the reference and research services. Discuss alternate sources for business information that will satisfy reference and research requests. Cite costs for outsourcing. Defend your stance in terms of the context of the selected enterprise or industry.

Journeyman Steam Boiler Company:  Library Services White Paper

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